Saturday, 31 December 2011

What an eventful year!

31st December 2011... seriously? But surely it's still 1994, with lads acting like idiots to 'Cotton Eye Joe' whilst the girls show off their more stylish (but badly coordinated) dance moves to 'Saturday Night'.
Hmm... come to think of it, the last 12 months have seen eskimosoup deliver some amazing campaigns with a very modern, innovative, 2011 feel to them. Oh, and we've been tweeting like crazy. So yeah, it looks like we're just being a bit nostalgic because the year is at an end, bless our festive socks.
So, with nostalgia in mind, we've decided to each look back at our favourite bits of 2011. Ohhhhh, there are some beauties!
"Getting to go on the roofs of both City Hall and Holy Trinity Church as part of Hull BID's Christmas in Hull campaign. It was amazing seeing our city from those vantage points. Even getting wedged in the church's bell tower didn't dampen my spirits!"
Rich Sutherland, Account Manager and Copywriter
"Jumping off the 150-foot beast that is Goliath at Aerial Extreme. What a rush!"
Chris Middleton, Managing Director
"Dressing up as a huge cigarette in front of 20,000 match-goers at the KC Stadium! (It was to promote No Smoking Day by the way.)"
Steph Collinson, Client Care
"In the year of 2011, Manticore was born from the embers of eskimodules, a platform for the rapid development of web-based deliverance."
Carl Butcher, Web Developer and Systems Administrator
"Watching the upcoming 1884 Dock Street Kitchen take shape each week whilst photographing its amazing developments."
Phill Wilson, Technical Support 
"Something I've been wanting to do for ages is learn Sage, and now I am!"
Rachel Galtrey, Client Care
"The highlight for me was becoming the Director of Hull Comedy Festival and then performing stand-up as my new persona Albert. Two words: character building."
Rich Quelch, Marketing and Events Manager
"Watching Rich Quelch stand on a stage and do an awesome job of making a massive tool of himself but making me laugh and cry in the process."
Shane Cane, Graphic Designer
"Sneaking our new baby, Noah, into the Piccalilly clothing catalogue. We went to The Yorkshire Dales for him to star in his first modelling photo shoot!" 
Phill Postill, Creative Director      
"I've had a very productive year of creating websites. It's between 15-20, maybe more, for 2011 alone - a personal record!"
Adam Poskitt, Web Developer
"This year I have mostly been (for those who remember 'The Fast Show') developing websites using HTML 5 and Sassy CSS files. In a nutshell, HTML 5 is cleaner, faster and easier to maintain and Sass makes CSS fun again!"
Hannah Griggs, Creative Director
"Fully launching our Health and Safety training package,, after a loooooong 2 years of development."
George Griggs, Technical Director
"My favourite thing is that I finally have a team that's willing and able to do all of the crazy and memorable things on my behalf!"
John Gilbert, Marketing Director
"Creating the OneFineDay website, which was then featured on Something for the Weekend. That, and doing an impression of an airplane using two chairs."
Nick Bolt, Lead Developer and all-round good egg 
Steph as Cyril the Cig

Rich Q as Albert

Nick as The Supersonic ThunderBolt

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