Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Team to Take on the No Smoking Day Challenge

Today is National No Smoking Day! The campaign helps smokers who want to quit by creating a supportive environment for them, and by highlighting the many sources of help and advice available.

Here at eskimosoup, as part of a project for NHS Hull, four members of our team have organised distinctive events to promote No Smoking Day to local people and will be competing to see who can have the most impact.

Rich Quelch (Marketing and Events Manager) arranged for Cyril the Cig, the No Smoking Day mascot to appear at a Hull FC’s victory over Crusaders on Friday night and was back at the KC Stadium last night to appear at Hull City’s match against Burnley. Roary the Tiger was striking the ball from different distances on the pitch to try and hit the human size cigarette. Although, at Hull FC Cyril’s poor lung capacity was clear to see as he was trounced by the Airlie Bird in an obstacle course.

Karen Hodgson (Business Development) organised gymnasium staff from DST Leconfield to hold an event in North Point Shopping Centre. There will be 2 treadmills within the shopping centre encouraging the general public to take part in the military test.

Chris Middleton (Managing Director) arranged a human size cigarette and brass band to hit all the hot spots in the city centre. The cheeky Cyril the Cig will be approaching the general public and asking the individuals to put out their cigarettes. The brass band will have the message ‘Try doing this on 20 a day’ to express how smoking reduces energy.

John Gilbert (Marketing Director) has worked with students at Hull University and other volunteers from Hull to run a “Zombie Walk” down Newland Avenue, Prince’s Avenue and Beverley Road. The campaign is accompanied by a tongue in cheek list of comparisons/differences between smokers and zombies to highlight the disadvantages of smoking.

The activities compliment the “Big Reasons” project delivered by eskimosoup on behalf of NHS Hull which included the production of video case studies through which local ex-smokers share the benefits they have experienced since they quit smoking.
See to view the collection.

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