Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Old Spice: "…I'm on a horse."

A Brand Spotlight by Craig Cawkwell

Despite being adored by granddads across the planet, there is no doubt that Old Spice was a brand in need of a serious facelift. And who better to do this than the perfect male!? ‘Ladies, meet… the man your man can smell like.’ A hugely popular TV campaign successfully translated into a social media phenomenon has completely rejuvenated the Old Spice brand and made its products once again desirable to younger consumers.
Founded in 1934, Old Spice produced shaving soap and aftershave lotion, marketed with a traditional nautical theme. Despite being relatively successful in its early years, sales of Old Spice began to decline, with young consumers in the 80s beginning to view the brand as old-fashioned, outdated and smelling-like-old-man! Indeed the idea of smelling like your dad was something which wasn’t particularly appealing to the market that Old Spice was targeting.
In 1990, Old Spice was acquired by P&G who set about transforming the small, stagnating brand into a men’s personal care powerhouse. This involved refocusing its marketing messages on performance via the ‘Prove-it’ campaign, which challenged buyers to use the product and get their money back if they were not satisfied. They also realised that due to the stigma attached to the brand by males 25-45 (who remembered the pungent smell of their dad’s generously-applied Old Spice aftershave), they would be more successful in targeting younger consumers. P&G therefore set about a number of grass-root marketing activities, handing out samples at schools and colleges and sponsoring youth-orientated events.
This concentrated activity, coupled with TV ads featuring young sporting celebrities, led Old Spice to become extremely competitive within the male teen personal care market, edging out Right Guard as the top teen brand in 2001. However, it was in the late 2000s when Old Spice began to experience colossal growth thanks to some humorous campaigns developed by Weiden+Kennedy. 
In 2007 the ‘Experience is Everything’ campaign was launched. A twist upon the preceding campaign, Old Spice embraced its heritage with humour and double entendres in order to establish the brand as an authority when it comes to the ‘experiences’ which young males seek. The first TV ad featured Bruce Campbell nonchalantly strolling around his lavish study, explaining the importance of experience in the form of one long sexual innuendo ‘If you have it, you don’t need it. If you need it, you don’t have it. If you have it, you need more of it.’

A number of humorous ads followed Bruce Campbell, with Patrick Neil Harris appearing as a parody of his Doogie Howser M.D. character and Terry Crews appearing in a number of TV and online ads.

It was, however, a few years later in 2010 that ‘the man that your man could smell like’ ad helped double sales of Old Spice body wash. P&G realised that a massive proportion of Old Spice’s customer base was females who bought products for their partners. Therefore, they commissioned a campaign to be produced which was aimed predominantly at women. However, the result was something that definitely appealed to both sexes! Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him. He was… the Old Spice Guy (or Isaiah Mustafa if you felt the need to know his real name). The first ad featuring the Old Spice Guy consisted of him basically explaining to women (whilst travelling seamlessly through a number of exotic locations and poses) that their man could never be as handsome, chivalrous, generous, caring or smooth as him, but they could smell like him… if they use Old Spice! The strapline ‘Smell like a man, man’ then appears on screen as Isaiah strikes the ultimate manly pose of holding a bottle of Old Spice… whilst straddling a noble steed.

The Old Spice Guy was an instant hit. However, the TV ads were just the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most impressively run campaigns of the last decade. Due to his popularity, numerous people began discussing the Old Spice Guy across the web on various platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. In an unprecedented move, Weiden+Kennedy chose to engage these people directly and recorded Isaiah’s individual responses to fans in the form of 30-second YouTube videos. This allowed the brand to humorously communicate with potential customers on an extremely personal level, something which hadn’t really been done before. These videos went viral on a gigantic scale, generating 40 million views within the first week, with Old Spice on YouTube becoming the all-time most viewed channel. As a result, sales of Old Spice products went up by an amazing 107%, with their body wash product becoming #1 body wash brand for men.

Continuing the humour and heavy emphasis on social media, Terry Crews has once again been recruited for Old Spice’s current campaign ‘Smell is Power’. This campaign is breaking new ground by showing Old Spice invading other P&G owned brands because ‘Old Spice Body Spray is too powerful to stay in its own commercial!’ This includes Terry bursting through the wall during an ad for Bounce Dryer Bars and his head smashing upwards through a box of Charmin Toilet Wipes! This is obviously an intelligent way for P&G to gain dual exposure for its products whilst maintaining the powerful message that SMELL IS POWER!!!

Keep an eye out for Terry bursting through a wall or toilet near you!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Cyril the Cig has been up to his dirty tricks again!

He's been turning up at regional games and trying to make people follow him, but Cyril got more than he bargained for at every game, with matchgoers uniting to boo and jeer him off the pitch.
Commit to Quit helps people to bin the cigs whilst supporting their team, with fans pledging to quit as part of an online league table.
Our Account Director, Rich Quelch, explained why this campaign is so important: 
"It's about raising awareness of the effects of smoking and making people realise that it's actually very easy to quit. There's so much free help and advice out there and so many people to share the journey with. We've had huge support from Hull City, Hull KR, Hull FC and Scunthorpe United, and their followers have made them all very proud."
At the Hull City vs. Leeds United match, Roary the Tiger proved that being fit, strong and healthy is a far better way of enjoying life by playfully pinning Cyril to the ground for the cheering crowd.
The Commit to Quit roadshow visited Hull, North Ferriby, Bridlington and Scunthorpe, spreading the word and encouraging people to stop smoking. The website is available for smokers to quit and non-smokers to help them do it:
Remember: After just one year of not smoking, your risk of suffering a heart attack is halved. On top of that, you will have saved an average of £2,372!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

eskimosoup are committed to a busy couple of weeks to promote a regional campaign commissioned as part of the National No Smoking Day 2012 programme.

The “Commit to Quit” campaign sees NHS Hull, NHS East Riding and NHS North Lincolnshire join forces with Hull City, Hull FC, Hull KR and Scunthorpe United to help supporters stop smoking and recognise that smoking is not the social norm in our area.

The campaign will use a number of activities to ensure awareness is raised around the Commit to Quit campaign and No Smoking Day, which takes place next Wednesday.

To answer any questions and give fans information on the NHS Stop Smoking services, the Commit to Quit team will be at the at the KC Stadium tonight as Hull City play Leeds Utd. Visiting Bridlington next Monday and Scunthorpe next Wednesday, so make sure you keep an eye out for campaign mascot Cyril the Cig.

These road shows will also inform people about the live league table, which everyone can play a huge part in.

Cyril made an appearance at Hull FC Vs Wakefield Wildcats on Sunday with the club fully behind the campaign; James Clark, head of communications, media and marketing at Hull FC, said: “We are a firm believer in working with the local NHS to send poignant health messages to our loyal supporters and we want them to understand there is support and advice available in the city.
“I’m sure there will be plenty of friendly rivalry and competition between all sets of fans from each club and plenty of ‘healthy’ banter, with a serious underlying health message of quitting smoking.”

For more information on the campaign and how you can support your club, visit and enter the live league table of pledgers and make your team proud.
You can also follow @commit_to_quit on Twitter for updates.