Friday, 22 January 2010

12.6 million people in the UK regularly use a Social Network

There are now 625 million active users of the internet, active being those who use the internet every one or two days.

In the UK there are 19 million active users. Of those, 64% have created and maintain a Social network profile. That's 12.16 million people who regularly use a Social Network.

It’s very easy to set up a social network profile, but the key question is whether the excitement starts to pall after a few weeks.

The answer is very clearly not. Consumers are signing up for profiles in larger numbers and spending more time keeping them up to date.

Of these users, 47.9% join groups or pages and 29.9% make contacts for professional reasons.

Social media is also increasingly going mobile. 17% of active internet users globally now access the internet on the move as well as at home, work or college.

Video watching is now at 83% amongst active internet users and is beginning to rival television as the preferred format.

The commercial opportunities are obvious and with a little thought and attention, these can bring real benefits to your business.

UM’s WAVE research into the phenomenal growth of social media is the most robust data set in the world. Affectionately called "Power to the People," this annual social media tracker has mapped key changes in consumer uptake and usage of social media platforms for the past four years.

The latest iteration—WAVE 4—tracked 23,200 active Internet users in 38 countries during Spring 2009, providing an exhaustive study and a wide range of insight. Power to the People provides in-depth understanding into the dramatic changes driven by the uptake of social media.

Download the full report here

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