Friday, 22 January 2010

Take care with your facebook profile pictures

Without mentioning any names, have you noticed how unprofessional some businesses profile images look, when its a small thumbnail next to their comment?

The text is often misaligned or cropped, so it's a struggle to see who the page actually belongs to. Many businesses simply upload their logo and leave it at that, but as with most things on facebook, it needs a little care and attention. Surprisingly, you even find this with some huge companies. Again, mentioning no names!

The key to making sure your image displays well in thumbnails is that they are always square. If your image isn't, then the thumbnail will automatically crop to a square using the shortest side. This can then cut off your text or image.

To solve the problem, use image editing software, such as photoshop, to square your image in relation to it's longest side. Also, remember to leave a little spare space around the edges, as the thumbnail will still crop a little.

Upload your image and refresh the page to check how it displays in the thumbnails. If it's still not quite right, tinker with it until it is.

A few extra minutes care on this will make the posts and comments you leave appear much more professional and attractive.

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