Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Visual Social Marketing: Heading In The Right Direction

Smaller, local businesses still need to continue with their traitional SEO and done Marketing, but also include work with social media, local SEO and Pinterest. To target small businesses; using this new mix of marketing will help local businesses find suitable targets.

The rise of Visual Social Media

The Internet is still growing at an incredible pace and to keep up with modern marketing techniques  local businesses should consider visual social marketing from social media. Applications like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram is now the next high priority in online marketing. More and more we are seeing purchase decisions that have been influenced by online referrals, that is people like you and me who have rated or made comments on the product and service, rather than big spend messages from corporate , branded marketing messages.

Clearly companies want to ‘hang-out’ were their target market is, so for example if you are targeting women, then Pinterest is the place to be with 79% of the total usage is by women. 

Phones dominating the market

Mobile phones are key to marketing. Most people have their phones with them or within reach every day and most text messages are read within a couple of minutes of receiving it. Businesses need to have a “responsive” web design that helps websites work equally well on every platform and device such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones. A responsive web design from Eskimosoup Graphic Design in Hull uses media queries to figure out what device it is being displayed on and thus the images and content will adjust to fit the format it is on, for example if you decrease the size of your browser window, the images and text will not stay the same size, the layout will shrink which still allows the content to be seen.

To Compete in the future

For small businesses to compete in the future there are a few key things they need to do:

1: If you haven’t already started using Pinterest get going otherwise you will be playing catch up and that’s something small businesses can not afford to do.

2: Businesses need to experiment with social media and see what works and what doesn’t for their company

3: If people can relate to you and your brand they are more likely to use your company.

4: Visual Media is so important: We have so little time these days to read huge amounts of text, most of don't even want to. We want information quick and it has to be easily absorbed. It makes sense that marketing efforts should be moved in to a visual medium as so many us can process visual information so much quicker than pages of text. It is evident that video is already being ranked more highly in search results and can often be seen ranking higher than text results. With videos comes great brand awareness and a sense of trust with potential clients. By creating a 2 minute clip using an HD camera or webcam companies can produce excellent online video content. Eskimosoup SEO Hull can be a great help to your company in terms of SEO marketing your content.



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