Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Go Big or Go Home!!

It is quite easy to maintain a decent ranking with SEO. People put in some effort for a short period of time get some results then stop. But what if you went above and beyond? You pushed the boundaries and went further than just creating a Blog. “Big Content” as it’s called takes time and effort but you can reap the rewards at the end because the people who have gone for the easy and safe option may have a constant measure of traffic heading to their site, but it won’t really drive sales.

Google's new algorithms Panda and Penguin are providing us with great opportunities to rank higher through creating great content that people love and share. Yes you still need to do the standard on page SEO and yes back links will still be part of your strategy, however brilliant content is what Google and your prospective customers want to see.

Big content doesn't sound easy. If it was everyone would do it. Singling yourself out from the rest of the boring, steady traditional SEO techniques will stand you head and shoulders above the competition.

Like general content; big content increases traffic but big content can provide more loyalty because people will come back to visit the site. Eskimosoup Web Design in Hull work with a number of clients providing this type of big content - exciting content that is shared throughout the Internet. With time and effort put into your big content it makes it unique to anything else on the web.  It creates a widening gap between you and your competition. If you set a high bar for your SEO then it is much tougher for you competitors to jump over.
Big content means big ideas, general content just depends how much of the same message you distribute across the web. Big content is the quality of the content as well and it is not as expensive as it seems. You have to put more thought, creativity and effort in but that will not always increase the costs you pay.

In most cases there is a risk of failure. With marketing we try something, we test it and we make a decision on how to improve it for next time.

Pushing yourself will bring benefits you do not want to be going through the motions. Putting yourself one step ahead of SEO trends will improve your position and minimise the amount of fierce competition you will have. The interest from users will be much more regular and demanding with big content. Eskimosoup Graphic Designers In Hull  are the people you can trust in  terms in SEO.


  1. SEO is seriously getting twisted by every update. Funny how NoFollow backlinks are getting you ranked

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