Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Google is set to take over the world!

 Today is Google's 13th birthday!
Google: one of only a handful of brand names, such as Hoover and Sellotape, to expand beyond the confines of a proper noun and enter verb territory. ‘To Google’ is to search online for something, despite the numerous competing search engines that are just as easy to access and refer to. With the corporation accounting for a 91% share of all searches in late 2010, this is completely understandable.

So far, Google covers pretty much every area of life you can imagine. With apps such as Calendar, Maps and Translate, you’ll never become lost in time, space or translation ever again. The latest additions to the family are Offers and Wallet, which work together beautifully the way online siblings should.

Having had their buyout offer of $6billion declined by Groupon, Google set to work creating their own version of email-based discounts. Currently undergoing trials in parts of America, Google Offers presents daily deals that target specific geographic areas.

Imagine it: Your smartphone receives an email offering a 25% discount at your favourite coffee shop. You walk in and place your order, present the email on your screen, then swipe your phone using Google Wallet as payment – you don’t even have to find your debit card!

Localised, relevant, up-to-date and targeted, Google Offers will revolutionise the way we shop, whilst providing retailers with a cheap and effective form of advertising and drawing app users through their doors. If all goes according to plan, Google Offers will soon be available worldwide.

Google Wallet, the corporation’s mobile payment system, is now available to Johnny Public (well, any Johnny Public that uses a Sprint Nexus S 4G phone and Citi MasterCard or Visa card at least), and works with over 300,000 merchant locations as of 20th September 2011. Incredibly simple to use, you just swipe your smartphone at the checkout and voila, you’ve paid for your groceries, cinema tickets or a big bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix for your Friday afternoon treat.

To initiate the service you need a Google account (no surprise there). After agreeing to those good old-fashioned T&Cs and creating a PIN, you can start the process of adding your cards to your account. Over time, the logical progression will surely see all smartphones, card providers and retailers embracing this new technology.

Aside from convenience and versatility, the system is also more secure than a regular debit card, meaning it really does tick all the boxes. So look out for Google Offers and Google Wallet, as they’re set to simplify and optimise the way we shop and advertise our business: perfect for all avid Googlonians.

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