Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sharing Some Pride

I figured if there were ever an appropriate place for a self-indulgent burst of pride about our company it would be our blog.

This past week, Business Week Humber took place throughout our region. A dedication team of event holders from the private, public and voluntary sector came together to present 35 top quality events in what is a fantastic example of partnership working across the Humber. Indeed, in the words of Gyles Brandreth, looking across at the delegates at events he saw not only colleagues, but friends.

This is of great significance to our company because eskimosoup had the honour of being at the heart of the organisation and marketing of this programme which is (and will continue to be, until someone shows us otherwise) the largest and best event of its type in the world.
Through working with the week’s coordinators; Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation, a determined steering group and many passionate event holders we have had the pleasure of doing our bit to ensure that the week was a continued success.

We are also most appreciative of the generous support and vision of our clients St Stephen's and Hugh Rice Jewellers in sponsoring vital aspects of the week.

I’m not saying the week has been perfect, but hopefully everyone involved feels that we’ve given it our best shot and feel pride in having done so. For the organising team taking on the reigns we clearly have had a lot riding on this and indeed a lot to live up to. The founders of Business Week and their team achieved so much over the past six years and hopefully they feel that we have done a good job of looking after “their baby”.

On behalf of the team eskimosoup, we are proud to be communications partner of Business Week. We are proud of the website, the brochure, that we have assisted with a major wave of positive PR and media coverage and that so many positive comments have been shared through Business Week Live.

Thank you all for being a pleasure to work with at Business Week 2011 and thank you for reading this self-indulgent entry.

As for next year? Watch this space…

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