Friday, 3 September 2010

Turning daredevil for local charities

eskimosoup are playing daredevil by abseiling off the side of a hotel and trying their hand at the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’ for two upcoming charity events.

5 members of our team are taking part in an exhilarating abseil down the Holiday Inn Express, St Stephen’s, to raise money for local charity CASE as part of their 25th birthday fundraising programme. Chris Middleton, George Griggs, Rich Quelch, Phill Postill and Phill Wilson are putting nerves aside to step up to the challenge from 11am on the 2nd October.

Whether you can make it down to show support, or make a donation; all support is welcome! You can support the CASE fundraiser directly by clinking on

The eskimosoup team will have their feet firmly on the ground for their next charity challenge run by KCFM’s Smile Foundation.

The Devil’s Kitchen takes place at Charlotte’s Restaurant on 9th November at Hull College and will raise money for local charities House of Light and DownRight Special. The team will prepare a meal, serve and entertain guests before being scored against their opposition; a team assembled by St Stephen’s shopping centre.

Fingers crossed for an evening of good company, humour and (we very much hope) delicious food!

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