Friday, 27 August 2010

Reducing Smoking in Pregnancy

eskimosoup is running the ‘Hull and Pregnant’ social media campaign as part of a wider social marketing campaign for NHS Hull that aims to reduce the number of women smoking during pregnancy.

Hull & Pregnant engages with pregnant women in Hull using a range of interactive social media appropriate to our target groups and as reinforced by independent scoping work.

The primary goal of the campaign to help women to stop smoking during pregnancy and access support services. The approach has already created a lot of interaction through facebook on a range of healthy lifestyle and pregnancy issues.

A portfolio of written, pictorial and video resources have been generated through speaking with pregnant women and health professionals to provide depth and interest in the campaign.

All resources are approved by a fully qualified healthy lifestyles midwife, who is also available to answer confidential questions via her Midwife Hull facebook profile.

eskimosoup are now beginning to take the campaign on the road to meet with pregnant women in Hull and promote the resources that are available.

The social media sites can be found at the following addresses:




To see some of the interactions and advice or to become friends with Midwife Hull please go to

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