Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Top 10 Tips for writing Brochure and Leaflets Copy

1.    Copywriting is a skill. If you are a Software Engineer, Electrician, Accountant, you are not a copywriter. If you do write the copy, make sure you get a second opinion on your work. Try to use someone who is not a professional or semi-professional in the field. Listen and take on board criticism.

2.    Most readers at first will only read headlines, subheads, and captions. These must give the benefits and the motivation so that your readers will want to read the rest of the copy.

3.    Use high quality photographs of your products, of handsome people, or preferably of handsome people enjoying the benefits of using your products.

4.    Your brochure copy will be read out of order. Each page or panel should contain benefits and sales copy. This is good brochure design.

5.    Collect brochures from other companies. What do you like and why?

6.    Remember that colours represent different things in different industries. Be careful with your choice of colours. Read our article on the Psychology of Corporate Colours for more information.

7.    Use white space in your brochure design. Crowded copy is hard to read, your photos will lose impact. Use white space to make the most impact on a particular message.

8.    Try not to use more than five or six lines in each paragraph.

9.    Try not to use more than two or three sentences per paragraph.

10.    Leave a space between paragraphs, and do not indent them.

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