Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Are you made of The White Stuff?

Throwing convention to the wind, this Brand Spotlight doesn’t actually focus on a brand. Instead it looks at a generic product that’s available worldwide from various suppliers and features on the majority of shopping lists. No, not jelly beans; good old-fashioned milk.

It’s interesting how many celebrities have endorsed this dairy product, from Nena von Schlebrügge (Uma Thurman’s mum) accompanying the slogan ‘Drinka pinta milka day’ in the 1950s, to the present ‘make mine Milk’ campaign, which has seen Gordon Ramsey, Pixie Lott, Ryan Reynolds, Rupert Grint and ambassadors for the 2012 Olympics all sporting ‘milktaches’. But then the majority of people enjoy milk in some form on a daily basis and it has definite health benefits, so maybe it’s not surprising how much effort goes into its promotion (£7.5 million for the latest campaign, which resulted in a 1.8% increase in sales over the first year).


As for milk TV adverts, oh there have been some beauties! Who could forget Paul Whitehouse from The Fast Show declaring “Int milk brilliant?” in the mid nineties, and the rehash of the Squeeze track ‘Cool for Cats’ a few years earlier? Not to mention the happy milkman and his dancing milk bottles! And then of course there’s the unforgettable classic from the eighties: “Accrington Stanley, who are they?”



So the next time you pour yourself a glass of white gold, something that you buy without question or qualm, rest assured that it will never go out of fashion. After all, with the likes of the new A-Team cast demanding that you drink milk, we’ll be enjoying its wholesome goodness till the cows come home.


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