Friday, 2 September 2011

Spotlight on Steph Collinson, Client Care

Steph Collinson joined eskimosoup in October 2010. As half of our Client Care department she works closely with every member of the team, as well as clients, suppliers, couriers, maintenance workers and the occasional Gorillagram that knocks at the door.

Relentless eskimosoup reporter Rich Sutherland managed to conduct an interview with Steph in short bursts between incoming phone calls.

RS: Steph—

SC: Hang on, the phone’s ringing. Hello, eskimosoup, Steph speaking. Oh, hi there, how are you? Yeah, not bad thanks. No problem, will do. Okay, bye.


SC: You may continue.

RS: Um… So yeah, Steph, tell us about your role at eskimosoup.

SC: I’m doing an apprenticeship with the Hull Business Training Centre and my job here is helping me to learn all kinds of new skills.

RS: And what exactly do you do?

SC: Everything. (Hehe!)

RS: Specifically…?

SC: Still everything. But it includes taking phone calls from clients, administration work, invoices and bills, ordering stationery and equipment, sourcing quotes and supplies, all kinds of things. Oh, and I order a cow load of milk from Tesco every week to keep the caffeine monsters happy!

RS: Good work! I do enjoy a cuppa or five each day. And what part of the job do you enjoy the most?

SC: Well I love getting a good bargain so I do enjoy finding the best price for high quality services, such as printing, event materials and anything else we might need to make a client’s project a huge success. We’ve built up excellent relationships with many local businesses that match and exceed anything you’ll find online, and that’s really satisfying.

RS: So what are you focusing on at the minute?

SC: Rachel, the other half of the Client Care Team, is training me in the accounts system. I plan to do a night course in accountancy in the near future, so it’s really interesting and a huge help.

RS: And in the time you’ve been here, which is coming up to a year, have you done anything particularly strange?

SC: Would dressing up as a massive cigarette and being stood on by a couple of Hull City players count?

RS: Er… yeah.

SC: Well I’ve done that as part of the NHS No Smoking Campaign, which linked in with the national No Smoking Day in March. I was also shown how to do forward rolls in St Stephen’s by Strike, the martial arts duo that was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. That was… interesting.

RS: Wow, it’s clear that you do all kinds of things at eskimosoup and your job takes you from the office to different sites for events and promotional activity, but what about in your spare time, what are your interests?

SC: Handbags are a must-have, I get a new one every few weeks, haven’t you noticed?

RS: Uh…

SC: I’m also into shoes, but that’s mainly due to Becky in the Marketing Team, it’s a love we share. I also think I can sing and keep getting told I can’t, but I have the radio on whenever I can and sing along when no one’s around. Plus I’ve recently started camping and fishing with my boyfriend, although he might have gone over the top when he bought a five-man tent and a year’s fishing license.

RS: Blimey, that’s wide-ranging!

SC: Yep, my work life and personal life are both nice and varied.

RS: To finish, can you tell us something that you say all the time?

SC: Two things: At work, “Hello, eskimosoup, Steph speaking.” And when I’m out on the town it’s simply “To the dance floor!”

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