Friday, 9 September 2011

Spotlight on eskimosoup's Creative Director

eskimosoup has two Creative Directors. One of them always wears a hat; he’s called Phill Postill. Another owns her own bowling ball; she’s called Hannah Griggs. This week the spotlight is on Hannah, but she left the bowling ball under her desk whilst being interviewed by eskimosoup reporter Rich  "rubbish at bowling" Sutherland.

RS: Hannah, you’re one of eskimosoup’s Directors. Can you tell us how it all started?

HG: Well, I took Graphic Design at GCSE and A-level and studied a degree in Media and IT at university. My husband George, eskimosoup’s Technical Director, was at uni with me. When we graduated we got jobs at the same company (we do everything together).

RS: Awww…

HG: So yeah, me and George worked for a web development company. After a while we realised that we had lots more to offer and decided to set up our own business, which we called T Media. George was the technical guru, developing the websites, and I was the Graphic Designer, but I also learnt HTML and did code here and there as required. That was from 2003; in 2008 we and the brilliant events marketing company Level M merged with eskimosoup to create a “souper” team!

RS: Lovely stuff! So you and Phill are both Creative Directors, how does your role differ from his?

HG: Phill does most of the graphic design that you’ll see in print or online. I still doodle and get to be all inventive but I also deal a lot with the technical side, turning the designs into code. I work closely with Nick, our Lead Developer, and Carl, one of our Web Developers, making sure that the websites work with all screens and browsers. We also have to make sure that they have top-notch accessibility and are in line with any new developments that might have popped up in the web world.

RS: I’m not very technical but for those reading who are, what programming languages do you use?

HG: I use HTML, CSS and Rails. I’m a self-taught coder by accident. It’s satisfying and geeky… and satisfyingly geeky. Hehe!

RS: In your time here you’ll have worked on countless projects, so I realise this next question will be a tough one, but which is your all-time favourite?

HG: It’s definitely Piccalilly, the organic babywear company. I’m baby mad, I love their little clothes and faces, they make me go all gooey! Piccalilly are really nice people and great to work with; they’re down to earth, have good ethics and I really do believe in them. Plus I’m a huge fan of ecommerce as I hate going to shops. I buy absolutely everything online, and if I ever do need to go into a shop, I find the item online first then hand the product code to the sales assistant! I love working with a fantastic online retailer like Piccalilly, it’s the best of both worlds.

RS: So you’re not so much a window shopper as a Windows shopper then. Eh? You having that? Eh?

HG: Ugh.

RS: Sorry… And what are you working on at the minute?

HG: A major focus right now is SafeOn, an online resource for those working in gas detection in confined spaces. Users can study courses, undergo rigorous health and safety training, access interactive videos and even take exams all while at home. It’s an ingenious and extremely valuable service; I’m very excited to be a part of it.

RS: As for outside of work, I hear you own your own bowling ball, although I may have fibbed when I said you keep it under your desk.

HG: Yep, I love bowling. I even won a game against Paul Moor when I was fourteen, and he’s now one of the world’s leading bowlers… although I admit he may have improved since then. I own all of my own equipment actually; I’m really into my sports and fitness. I play badminton, squash and table tennis, go swimming and running, workout, lift weights and I’m a proper gym addict!

RS: Wow! Are you really competitive?

HG: I am, yeah, and I really enjoy it. But the other reason is because I’m an absolute food junkie! I love eating in and eating out, I watch cookery shows and buy cookbooks, I just love food. If I didn’t do loads of fitness I’d be a real porker!

RS: So to sum up, you’re a Creative Director, a graphic designer, a doodler, a web developer, an e-shopper, a baby lover, a fitness enthusiast and a bowler. Anything else?

HG: I’m a real perfectionist, which is why I enjoy my work so much. Every aspect of the job requires everything to run smoothly, which is just the way I like it. Oh, and I love all things pink!

Next week’s Team Spotlight will be on Adam Poskitt, eskimosoup Developer and avid gamer.

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