Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Social Good Day

Today, Wednesday 21st September 2011, is when social media is used for social good. It has a wonderfully straight forward name: Social Good Day.

A simple concept that results in a huge impact all over the world, all you have to do is share information, pictures, videos, links or any other useful content with friends and followers through sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you focus on a charity, campaign, helpline, workshop or even your thoughts on a particular social issue, you'll be raising awareness and making a difference.

eskimosoup are busy with a large laryngeal cancer awareness drive called Throat wrecked? Get it checked! Working with the Humber and Yorkshire Coast Cancer Network and NHS Hull, this social marketing campaign aims to highlight the warning signs and symptoms of throat cancer and the actions that should be followed. Early detection can make throat cancer treatable and save lives, so it is imperative that people know the facts and feel confident with what they should do if they notice the signs for three weeks or more.

Please help us by 'liking' the Facebook page. And if you have the time, posting the link on your wall and sharing it with others will be a great help and very much appreciated.

See what's going on across the planet for Social Good Day by checking out the Twitter trend #SocialGood.

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