Monday, 1 August 2011

Spotlight on Nick Bolt, Lead Developer

Nick Bolt began his career at eskimosoup as a developer, before swiftly rising to the challenge of Lead Developer. Having completed an industrial placement in Bradford, focusing on software development, attained a First Class Masters Degree in Computer Science from Hull University, and even demonstrated his skills at that very institution for two months prior to joining us, the man certainly knows his onions… or at least how to code some virtual onions.

eskimosoup reporter Rich Sutherland entered Nick’s web of… web stuff… in order to ask him a few questions, which the tech-minded mastermind was kind enough to answer in jargon free English.

RS: Nick, you have a Masters in Computer Science. What qualification did you get before that? I’m guessing it was in a similar subject.

NB: Certificate in Psychology.

RS: Ah.

NB: I plan to combine the two in order to create an online intelligence that will take over the world.

RS: Really?

NB: No, not really.

RS: Right. So moving on, what is it that you do at eskimosoup? (In layman’s terms please, as I need to write this down.)

NB: I enable dreams…

RS: Lovely.

NB: …by amalgamating the needs of the client and the design plans of our creative team into a fully functional, dynamic website. Our designers provide a mock-up of what the site should look like, so it’s a case of building it on those foundations. Aside from looking good, the site needs to be easy to navigate, fast and efficient, and able to be updated frequently.

RS: And what would you say has been your favourite project at eskimosoup so far?

NB: Probably the virtual sexual health clinic for the NHS that I’m working on now, as it incorporates elements from every aspect of my job. It’s also security heavy, which is always a motivating challenge, and has a very high level of functionality. It’s a varied site full of interesting content and has to be speed sensitive, so there’s lots of nice techie stuff for me to be getting on with.

RS: What about outside of work, what do you get up to in your spare time?

NB: I take part in badminton with team members when they turn up, boxing with a friend when he turns up, and karate when I turn up. Aside from that I seem to be finding myself cleaning the house a lot. Does that count as a hobby?

RS: No.

NB: Fair enough. In that case I like reading (I’m going through the Game of Thrones series at the moment), travelling to small gigs in Leeds and Manchester, and growing chillies.

RS: Growing chillies?

NB: I use them in my homemade chilli con carne.

RS: Nice. Anything else?

NB: I’ve got two guinea pigs called Winston and Fizzle and two hamsters called Mort and Roy. Roy’s a girl but she was wrongly sexed at birth and it’d seem wrong to change her name after all this time. Plus she feels like a Roy, you know?

RS: …So anyway, you’re eskimosoup’s Lead Developer, you know your stuff when it comes to all things technical; weird question, but what’s your favourite equation?

NB: Ooh, it’d have to be y = !x = !z = true

RS: Interesting. And what does that mean?

NB: It’s what it doesn’t mean that’s so interesting.

RS: Okay, what doesn’t it mean?

NB: Exactly.

RS: Nick Bolt, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

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