Monday, 18 April 2011

Tell us about Mental Health in the Yorkshire & the Humber region.

Have you any news, events or stories you'd like to share regarding mental health in the Yorkshire and Humber region? If so, please email details to ''. I'll tell you more on this later in the article.

Helping people share knowledge and experience is one of the primary roles of the internet in today's society. This may be on a personal level, with interests and hobbies, or at the other end of the scale, with professionals sharing the ins and outs of their latest projects. The latter can, in effect, help people to work in collaboration with one another, pooling resources and expertise, regardless of geographical distance or working for separate organisations.

I discussed this in relation to Social Marketing in an article back in January. I talked about how a hub for Social Marketing, where organisations could share details of their initiatives, could help others to run more sophisticated and effective programmes, building on what had been done elsewhere, rather than starting from scratch.

I suspected and indeed hoped that some such site already existed and sure enough, a week later Showcase was brought to my attention. Run by the National Social Marketing Centre (NSCM), this was exactly the sort of thing I was talking about and is a great resource for professionals in the field.

Mental health in the workplace is another area where sharing knowledge and experience can be a huge help, both to employers and employees. For those in the Yorkshire and Humber region, we cater for this with The Hub, a website offering a wealth of extremely useful information and insight into this potentially difficult issue.

Commissioned by the Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Partnership and funded by Bradford District Care Trust, the Hub provides a lot of support and guidance, but we think it can go further. We especially want to bring more to it's news page, making it the 'go to' online destination for all that's going on with mental health in the region, and not just in the workplace.

We aim to bring together all the events, initiatives, research and news that we can find, along with welcoming and encouraging others to contribute the same. This will allow mental health workers to raise awareness of their work, as well as gain ideas and insight from the work of others.

So, if you work with mental health in Yorkshire and the Humber or know someone who does, please let them know. Even if you don't, but find something that might be of interest, please email me at ''. Thank you.

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