Friday, 5 November 2010

Consumers want Business to take up it's responsibility in the Big Society

6fjyiiqThe 4th Annual Goodpurpose Study by Edelman has just been published, examining global consumers attitudes towards the social purpose of business. Conducted over 13 countries, the survey looks at expectations of how brands and corporations should conduct themselves, especially in relation to supporting social issues.

For the fourth year running the study has found an increase in the role business is expected to play. Token donations to charities or latching on to a good cause for no other reason than to help PR is seen for what it is and viewed in a negative light, with people now wanting a more fundamental contribution to the improvement of society and it's environment. This should be a prime consideration in all activities that a business might pursue, including it's general day-to-day practice.

This attitude is one that business cannot afford to ignore, as the study shows that in the UK at least, it's a more powerful trigger to purchase than design, innovation or brand loyalty. It also indicates that the majority of people believe business and the Public working together can have more of an impact than they would individually. They would also be likely to share positive feeling about a company, which would obviously be extremely useful in the Social Media age.

Looking at this as a whole, it could almost be taken straight from the Big Society agenda. It shows that whether the Public actually buys in to that particular moniker, they're certainly all for the thinking behind it. As mentioned in our previous article, Can Business help the NHS in Social Marketing?, companies are already realising and acting on this emerging Public opinion. To make the circle complete, the Third and Public sectors need to seize on this, capitalizing on the resources and funding that business can supply, to tackle Social Issues in a collective and coordinated way.

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