Thursday, 12 August 2010

Passing on a healthy message

eskimosoup are promoting a new online training programme which aims to help people in Hull live a healthier lifestyle.

Altogether Healthier is a free service, provided by NHS Hull, helps local people gain a greater understanding about how to live a healthy lifestyle and the health services available in Hull. After completing the free online training, “Health Trainer Champions” will pass their new knowledge on to friends, colleagues and families.

eskimosoup were successful in tendering for the marketing campaign as commissioners liked our approach towards partnership and creative events.

The launch of Altogether Healthier was marked with a relay run around Hull designed to symbolise “passing forward” of health information and support. Joggers, walkers, prams and even a chain gang helped to spread the message that together the city can be a healthier, happier place to live.

The training programme, developed by Epic can be found at

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