Thursday, 8 October 2009

Turning Google Searches into REAL LIFE Clients

Another Great Article and video from our Friends at Upright Solutions

This article serves to show the often unseen connection between a search conducted on Google and that person paying the invoice you issued to them.

A person or company that has a requirement for a product or service will be placing that order with someone but there are some milestones to reach before that happens.

The Internet is nothing new really. When you boil it down, it’s just old concepts on a new medium.

So it is with generating business through the web. This short article aims to help you see the similarities between making a sale before the Internet and making a sale now that we have it.

As a guide we’ll be referring to the following document which you can download and make use of later if you like:

Download Internet Sales Funnel Diagram

You might recognise this as a traditional sales funnel. In the old days the top of the funnel would be the number of cold calls made.

The next stage down in the funnel in the old days would have been number of brochures sent out perhaps.

The next stage in the funnel in the old days would have been number of appointments made or number of quotes sent out and eventually the numbers of sales made.

Then at the end of the sales process you can work out average sale value, total value of sales brought in and then how much gross profit was made.

This is very similar to the new age, except instead of cold calls and paper brochures etc we automate the time consuming part of the process using Internet marketing and our websites.

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