Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Souper Soup Friday – Yummy

Here is a question for you, at what stage of the week does the Friday feeling usually start to kick in? Although we like each and every day of the week – as we love work – here at Eskimo we are already starting to get the Friday feeling – in preparation of Friday.

Why, you might ask are we looking forward to Friday – aside from the usual ‘it’s the weekend – time to have a party’. Well we thought we’d hold a soup day in our offices whereby you can buy a cup of soup and a crusty roll all for a quid with all funds raised going to a local charity.

Aside from the fact that a cup of soup on a cold autumnal day is just what is required to get that warm feeling within – we’re also holding souper soup day in recognition of the World Mental Health Day and the launch of our Humber Workplace Mental Health website (www.workplacementalhealth.co.uk)

If you are local, feel free to drop in and join in with the Friday feeling, if you are not check out our new mental health website and get the warm feeling within from a distance.

P.S. contrary to popular belief – we are still not turning into a soup company.

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