Friday, 16 October 2009

The Battle of the smartphones begins

It all started with the iPhone, lets blame the iPhone. Apple were one of the first companies to create mobile phone applications for use with social networking sites. Now more manufacturers are jumping on the wagon.

Smartphones are going mass market, fuelled by the public's "insatiable appetite" for social media, analysts say.

Ben Wood, an analyst with CCS Insight, states:

"Social networks are the fuel propelling the momentum," he added.

Increasingly mobile operators and handset manufacturers are providing phones that are "a one-stop shop for social messaging whether that be Twitter alerts, instant messages or the latest pictures on Facebook," said Mr Wood.

"Most handset makers are looking to add Internet capabilities to their ranges. It is no longer about whether a phone can access the Internet but how well," he said.

The pace is increasing and more and more people are getting access to their social networking sites on the move. This provides us with more, interesting, and fulfilling ways to communicate our marketing messages.

Source: The BBC (15th October 2009)

To view original report visit: BBC News

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