Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Anyone for some more customers?

Celebrating A True Goal Orientated Alliance

Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click marketing, and Social Media Marketing is an area of marketing that as businesses and consumers we don’t all quite ‘get’ just yet.

Most of ‘get ‘traditional marketing and advertising. You push you message on to as many of your targeted audience as you can afford for your budget and hope that the message sticks with enough people so you can get a return on investment. We have refined this technique over the past 100 or so years and as business people and consumers we understand it (mostly).

Internet marketing or good internet marketing does not work like this. It is not another TV channel; it is not another place to stick our advertising banner, radio advert etc, although we can (with limited success).

The true power of the internet is permission marketing, that is we allow clients and customers to find us when they are interested in our products / services. Google Adwords is a good example of this. If you sell frisbies we can run an advert for those who are looking for frisbies only those looking for frisbies will get the ad and no one else. It’s the same with organic searches using search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) we only want to market our frisbies to people who are interested in frisbies and no one else.

Social Media Marketing allows us to take it a step further allowing us to open a dialogue (talk) with our prospective customers and with the help of facebook for example we can now sell our frisbies to a very targeted audience, males, 18-35, single living in Manchester.

Now finding the right organisation to work with on a goal orientated internet marketing strategy is not easy we have always felt that an honest and upfront approach to how we do things helps and we try and see as many people face to face (see post on free social media marketing event we are putting on). But even we need good suppliers to make it happen.

This is where Upright Solutions comes in. We have been working with Upright Solutions for a number of years and the results have been excellent a very personal service with a no jargon honest approach to getting lots more business via the web.

Marketing Agency in Hull - Eskimosoup
Search Engine Optimisation in Hull - Upright Solutions

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