Friday, 15 May 2009

Social marketing case studies

I’ll keep this brief, as essentially I’m directing you to another organisation’s work.

In the unlikely event that you work within the area of social marketing and haven’t already used the National Centre for Social Marketing website, you really should check it out.

Over the past few weeks, they’ve added to the site the “first collection of fully-researched case studies to show that social marketing works!”

The "ShowCase" section features successful UK and International programmes, which have used social marketing techniques to achieve behavioural changes. This can be accessed here:

At one level the value here is in idea generation for key issues such as exercise, alcohol, sexual health, smoking, employment and others.

At another level, this really does show, as it claims, “how social marketing works”.

In a recent meeting I attended with the Chief Executive, Chair and Assistant Director of Public Health at a PCT in the UK, we were discussing some radical innovative social marketing approaches and needed to source some related case studies to give some reassurance that our campaign ideas had substance to them. We were able to source this information, though it did take some digging around.

For NHS employees, external consultants and marketing companies, this provides an easily accessible overview of insights, challenges and critically evidence of sustainable results.

As I say, if it’s relevant to your job role, you really should check this out for regular updates:

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