Tuesday, 26 May 2009

NHS Marketing Survey - Part One

Thanks to those that participated in the study, the www.nhsmarketing.co.uk marketing survey data is in.

The data can be downloaded as a PDF here.

This is a summary of responses collated from 28 respondents across 25 PCTs, 2 Mental Health Trusts and 1 Acute Trust.

The report displays data on marketing trends and evaluations of promotional techniques applied for external and internal communications. The final part of the report lists some qualitative comments made by respondents, which we feel brings up some very interesting issues.

Our intention is to generate interpretations in June and July 2009, which shall be communicated via www.nhsmarketing.co.uk

Of course, with marketing and communications being such as vast area this report merely scratched the surface on a few issues, mainly around promotion. Over the next 6 months we shall be working with partners to further explore some of the more interesting aspects of the study.

Thank you again to all participants and to those of you interested in the findings from this report.

More information is to follow.

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